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Thanks for taking the time to fill this in, your personal details will be kept private, your actual complaint may be posted once this site is a bit more complete if you tick the appropriate box. Note that it's not ticked by default, who would do that?

Ultimately, the aim is to compile these and pass them to someone like Citizens Advice or even BBC Watchdog in the hope that they can bring more attention to this company, and perhaps force them to change their ways. Organisations like Which? and Citizens Advice can also potentially launch a 'Super Complaint' against JustFab and the more complaints we have, the more chance there is of this happening.

Ideally, We would like to see the end of this sales method, but at the very least we ask that Fabletics do the following;

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Why do you ask my age?  We have seen numerous reports of young teenagers (who could not enter into a credit agreement) who have complained they are victims of a scam, there are potentially other rules broken if they have extended credit to someone under the age of 18. You don't need to tell us if you don't want to, but it does help to support the complaint.

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Sharing experiences is good, and we would love to be able to publically show how many people have been affected by this. If you don't agree, we'll keep it to ourselves, but still count you.

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